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Iran-India pipeline-I: Construction next year, says Russia
Nov 03: Russia's Energy Ministry and the Iranian Ministry of Oil had signed a memorandum on supporting the project aimed to deliver natural gas from Iran to India on November 1. 
8And this was disclosed by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak on November 2.
8"The agreement that was signed yesterday is aimed primarily at implementing projects related to gas production in Iran and the supply of this resource to India through Pakistani exclusive economic zone along the bottom of the Persian Gulf," he said in an interview with Russia 24 television channel. It is quite real that it will enter into practical stage in the near future, according to Novak.
8Novak said that Russia’s energy giant - Gazprom - plans to produce natural gas in Iran and will build a 1,200 kilometer gas pipeline from Iran to India. Specific deposits in Iran will be determined as part of the feasibility study for the project.
8Construction is expected to start next year, according to the minister.
8Novak didn’t disclose how much it will cost but said it will be significant, as the pipeline will include an underwater part that will pass through the Persian Gulf.
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