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Iran-India pipeline-II: Contours of the project
Nov 03: The website carries here the contours of the Iran-India pipeline that the Russians have now evinced interest in constructing from 2018 onwards.
The project cost is pegged at around $5 billion and it will ferry around 30 mmscmd of gas from Iran to India.
It is expected that the landed price of piped gas will be up to $2/mmbtu cheaper than LNG as only transportation tariff will be applicable in comparison to liquefaction charges, transportation tariff and regas charges applicable to LNG.
8The point to note is that a reasonable amount of footwork has already been done in terms of identifying and testing out deepwater pipeline manufacturers, lay vessels and a repair systems for the deepwater pipeline.
The website carries here details of 
8Route surveys carried out, including one that starts from Oman and joins up with Iran and heads towards India
8Eligible line pipe manufacturers
8Lay vessels likely to be used
8Repair systems which will be in place
8Consultants which are to be hired 
8Likely EPC contractors
8Project structure
8Project promoters
8Project schedules
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