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Iran-India pipeline-III: Russia has an "Eurasian Vision"
Nov 03: Now that Russia has taken a decision to build the Iran-India pipeline, attention is shifting to Russia's long term vision of an "Eurasian  Integration".
8Russia claims to be legitimate leader of the global oil & gas community, emphasizing that the US shale gas revolution will run its course and it will be the "deep reserves" of the kind available in Russia which will allow for a sustainable energy future for the globe. In an analysis covering its vision of being a oil &gas supplier for all of Europe and Asia,said, "Since 2010, the largest US Shale Oil companies had a negative free cash flow in 28 quarters out of 29."
8The sustainability of the Russian hydrocarbon industry is pegged on its low cost of production.
8Russia is trying to use pipelines to build its gas business globally, including lines to China besides Europe
8The Iran-India pipeline is part of this wider vision.
8"Greater Eurasia is a huge economic and energy space that has all the prerequisites forcooperation and economic integration," the Russian vision statement claims.
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