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LNG market evolving quickly-I: A new order is in the offing
Nov 03: The LNG market continues to change at a rapid pace.
Funding is changing dramatically:
8Lenders are now trying to adjust to a world where the funding will not be grounded on back-to-back long term gas off agreements. Instead the spot market will play an increasingly pivotal role with improved operational efficiencies supporting LNG economics and stronger pricing benchmarks strengthening the market’s hedging capabilities.
8In fact by the early 2020s, LNG industry stakeholders will be facing a very different market from the one we know today
Markets to become flexible and transparent
8A liquid, flexible and transparent spot market will be key to breaking price segmentation, improving fair competition, boosting energy accessibility for new markets, and facilitating the increasingly vital role gas is set to play in the future energy mix.
Buyers shifting risk up the supply chain
8The allocation of risk is shifting to different parts of the supply chain; buyers face new risks in their home markets, and are pushing that risk back up the supply chain to LNG suppliers, making the traditional LNG supply model  no longer fit for purpose.
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