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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Nov 02: Ammonia-Urea Energy Saving Project
8Cost - Rs 347 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning to reduce the energy consumption of Ammonia and Urea units from 8.20 Gcal/MT to 7.70 Gcal/MT and 5.79 Gcal/MT to 5.33 Gcal/MT respectively In India. The capacity of the ammonia plant is 3500 MTPD and the urea capacity is 6060 MTPD. There is also as 30 MW of Captive Power Plant in the complex. The equipment requirements are Process Air Compressor (PAC), Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generation, Pumps, Pipes, among others.
8Project Event: RFQs for LSTK contractor is likely to be released in December in place of October 2017 due to delay in the discussion process, discussion process is still going on.
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NPK Annual Maintenance Project  
8Cost - Rs 0.25 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning an annual maintenance shutdown in August or September 2018 at their existing fertilizer complex In India. The existing capacity is made up of 180000 MTPA of NPK. Pre-Vendor Qualification may be necessary for a maintenance contractor.
8Project Event: RFQs for Annual Maintenance Contractor is likely to be released in Aprill or May 2018
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 Sulphuric Acid and Captive Power Unit Expansion Project

8Cost - Rs 300 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is awaiting environmental clearance for an expansion of its Sulphuric acid from 147825 MTPA to 220825 MTPA and its Captive Power Unit from 30 MW to 55 MW In India. The capital approval has been obtained and the public hearing process leading up to environment clearance continues.The equipment requirements are Steam Turbine Generators, Economizers, Reheaters, Boilers, Sulphur Combustor, Drying Towers, Vapor Separators, Converters, Absorbers, Absorber Exchangers, Sulphur filters, Sulphuric Melting Tank, Motors, Pumps, Boiler and its auxiliaries, Turbine and its auxiliaries, ESP, CHP, Chimney, Generator, Cooling Tower, AHP, Switchyard, Electrical equipment among others.
8Project Event: RFQs for LSTK contractor is likely to be released in January 2018 in place of November 2017 due to delay in submission of environmental clearance, the proposal for environmental clearance is likely to be submitted in December 2017.
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 LSTK contractor for Rs 10,000 crore coal based urea unit: Award in March 2018
Sources said that, LSTK contractor for a coal gasification unit for generating ammonia syn. gas and carbon dioxide is under evaluation and it is likely to be finalized in March 2018.
8A Joint Venture (JV) company is planning to set up a brownfield Coal gasification plant for ammonia syn. gas and Carbon dioxide with a capacity 243000 Nm3/hr of ammonia Syngas and 60480 Nm3/hr of CO2 respectively in India
 8The capacity of ammonia-urea and captive power unit will be 2200 MTPD of ammonia, 3850 MTPD of neem coated urea, STG - (2+0) × 35 MW of Captive power unit respectively.
8Project investment cost is around Rs 10741 crore.
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