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Decarbonization rate is far less than what is needed-I: India performed poorly in 2016 while China came out on top
Nov 02: Clear evidence is now coming in that the current decarbonization rate is inconsistent with the aim of keeping global warming confined to two degree centigrade.
8Global decarbonization rate fell by 2.6% in 2016.
8In future, assuming a global average economic growth of 2.1%, carbon emissions need to fall by over 4% every year on average to hit the two degrees target.
8The considerable gaps between current progress, the Paris Agreement’s national targets and the global two degrees goal highlight the risks to business and society.
8Find out how China and UK have been among the best performers in reducing carbon intensity in 2016 whereas India had lagged far behind. The UK has emerged as a leader in 2016 with a decarbonizing rate of 7.7% while China is among the fastest decarbonisers in the world.
8The Indian record is poor, even though its carbon intensity in terms of (tCO2/$mGDP) is much lower than of China in 2016.
8These readings are of importance for policy planners not just in the government but also in companies looking at de-risking their industries.
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