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Decarbonization rate is far less than what is needed-II: Policy planners should take note
Nov 02: What are the major risks to existing businesses if the government were to introduce step changes in policies to accelerate decarbonization?
8The point to note is that the falling cost of low carbon technology allows policymakers to consider options that weren’t viable just a few years ago.
8But for those yet to act, there is the risk of knee-jerk climate policy responses at some point in future.
8And this is going to hurt some businesses more than others.
8Technology innovation and deployment will determine whether countries can achieve the Paris Agreement’s two degrees goal. Emerging technologies and new business models are already disrupting the energy system.
8These technologies include smart power and heating systems in buildings, autonomous electric vehicles, advanced biofuels and 3D printing.
8It is pertinent to note that currently few companies or financial institutions are comprehensively able to disclose the financial impacts of climate change to their business.
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