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Decarbonization rate is far less than what is needed-III: Offshore wind energy emerging as a big opportunity
Nov 02: How does a Indian large oil & gas company de-risk its high carbon portfolio through large investments that will also de-risk its asset portfolio?
 8Offshore wind energy can be one such area.
 8Interest in the area has emerged all of a sudden after it was found that offshore wind is competitive with onshore wind.
 8Now a four-year project has just concluded that offshore wind energy can indeed be viable in the water off the coast of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu
 8A detailed analysis was done recently to integrate up to 500 MW of offshore wind power in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu respectively by 2021-22.
 8What are the various business models which can work and what kind of policy framework will needed to be put in place?
 8What are the key challenges and how can they be addressed?
 8Massive business development opportunities can come through if offshore wind energy takes off in India
 8Global case studies are also given.
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