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Survey shows poor can't afford LPG-II: Is going "electric:" a better way out?
Nov 01: The survey has found that there is indeed a minimum average spend on cooking fuel among the poor.
8The figure however is lower than the refill price of an LPG cylinder.
8If the government finds the cost of plugging the subsidy gap too high or finds it problematic to put the distribution infrastructure in place, going electric through distributed renewable energy systems can be an ideal solution.
8If carbon footprints are also taken cognizance of, green energy can be a better solution than going through the LPG route.
8Policy planners are still drawing a blank when handling data on energy consumption at the disaggregated level in India.
8The country is too vast and measurement tools are still very antiquated.
8Household energy usage data is rare to find and there are not many policy makers working to figure out how to keep kitchen fires burning in a safe and cost effective way among India's beleaguered poor.
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