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Vedanta's investment plan in the Barmer field: The full plan
Oct 31: What are the latest investment plans of Vedanta in the Barmer exploration block? Here are the details:
8Augmentation of Raageshwari Gas Terminal (RGT) from existing 100 MMSCFD to 300 MMSCFD and 50,000 barrels of condensate. Including processing of  50,000 barrels of condensate, CNG / LPG process, storage and transport
8Development of satellite gas fields (standalone well pads) to produce and process up to 50 MMSCFD
8Setting up of CNG/LPG fuel filling stations up to 50 no’s in and around Rajasthan.
8De-bottlenecking some of the facilities at Mangala Processing terminals for achieving better three phase separation including augmentation of produced water treatment system, injection water treatment system, power fluid handling system, utilities system with additional boilers/waste heat recovery system.
8Additional processing train in northern field of capacity 510,000 barrels of fluid per day (bfpd) to handle increased water cut, i.e., total 1,903,000 bfpd processing capacity in RJ block (considering permission already obtained in northern field for 1,053,000 bfpd and 340,000 bfpd in southern field)
8Setting up of total twenty (20) numbers of quick processing facilities (three phase separation) of the well fluids at various fields such as Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya. The separated produced water will be injected back to the reservoir of that field. The associated gas will be used for captive power generation within the field or otherwise sent to MPT or RGT. The separated crude oil will be sent to MPT for further processing & export and or direct export to the refineries through trucks. Associated gas facilities from RJ fields will be expanded up to 250 MMSCFD from existing already permission available of 65 MMSCFD (i.e. additional associated gas of 185 MMSCFD). This will reduce the associated gas flaring i.e. wastage of gas will be minimised.
8Augmentation and laying of new oil infield pipelines connecting well pads and terminals of various fields within RJ Block.
8New produced water treatment system package including management of effluents to handle up to 500,000 barrels of per day.
8Enclosed ground flare system at well pads.
8ASP (Alkaline – 2000 MT per day; Surfactant – 300 MT per day and Polymer – 300 MT per day) flooding across various fields within RJ Block. Permission to manage, store and handle hazardous ASP chemicals as per the MISHC and applicable Rules.
8Additional 16,500 KLD deep saline ground water abstraction (i.e., total 85,000 KLD abstraction, considering already CGWA abstraction permission obtained for 45,500 KLD and CGWA application under consideration for 23,000 KLD)
8Drilling of up to 40 wells in one well pad (in earlier EC, permission obtained to drill up to 20 wells in single well pad) to have minimum environmental foot print.
8Laying of new 30 inch gas pipeline for 700 km from Barmer to Bhogat to evacuate capacity up to 500 MMSCFD of natural gas
8Laying of new 8 / 10 inch gas pipeline of ~100 km from RDG to MPT to evacuate condensate
8Laying of new 6 / 8 inch gas pipeline of ~100 km from RDG to AGI – 5 for stabilised condensate transportation.
8Laying of new 12 inch pipeline at various locations to connect processed crude from satellite fields to main export pipeline.
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