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Pushing the use of gas: Funding available
Oct 30: Some of the largest gas producers in the world have got together to set up a fund centered around promoting the use of gas while limiting the emission of carbon dioxide.
8The basic assumption behind the fund is that renewable energy will not be able to grow fast enough to plug the gap in energy demand and gas, not coal, can step in to plug the gap.
8The gas suppliers are up against an increasingly resurgent coal lobby that seems to claim that if carbon capture is factored in, using coal will be cheaper than gas in countries where gas has to be imported.
8Seed investments are being made in promoting gas-use projects around the world, with an emphasis on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS).
8A strong pipeline of programmes -- from going for zero methane emissions in the oil & gas industry to raising the efficiency of gas fired vehicles -- have been drawn up where the consortium will pump in money.
8The fund is keen to work with partners, customers and policy-makers.
Can Indian R&D centres produce a project or two where investments can be forthcoming? 
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