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Software updates: Fertilizer projects
Oct 30: Sulphuric acid expansion project: Final EIA report submitted
8Final EIA report  for a Rs 1800 crore sulphuric acid expansion project was submitted in October 2017. It will take 2 to 3 months for grant of environment clearance after which a tender for a contractor will be released.
8The company will also set up a 20 KW Captive Power Plant.
8The projected investment cost is around Rs 1800 crore.
Following are the requirement of raw material
8Sulphur - 87299 TPA.
8Coal - 1595 TPA.
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Phosphoric Acid Expansion Project 

8Cost - Rs 1100 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is awaiting environmental clearance for its phosphoric acid expansion. The company has a 90 MW gas-based power plant. A preliminary pre-qualification process will be ongoing, subsequent to which a tender for an LSTK contract will be taken out. the equipment requirements for the phosphoric acid plant are Storage Systems, Soda Ash Silos, Rotary Dryers, Grinding Unit, Ball Mill, Mixing Tanks, Blending Unit, Wet Scrubber Unit, Venturi Scrubber Unit, Cyclone System, Air Pollution Control System, Vibro Shifter, Screens and Sieves, Conveyors and more.
8Project Event: Tender for an LSTK contractor for the phosphoric acid unit is likely to be released in November 2017 in place of end September or early October 2017,
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Super Phosphate Expansion Project 
8Cost - Rs 20 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is awaiting environmental clearance for an expansion of Single Super Phosphate from 300 MTPD to 600 MTPD and Granulated Single Super Phosphate from 150 MTPD to 600 MTPD.
8Project Event: Tender for a contractor is likely to be released in December 2017 in place of October 2017 due to lack of environmental clearance.
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Co-generation plant
There is a requirement of equipment and services for a Cogeneration Power plant with a capacity 20 MW for an agriculture company in India.
8The cost is around Rs 135 crore.
 Following are the requirements
8Boiler & auxiliaries 1x 120 TPH (84 Kg/cm2, 540 deg C)
8Steam turbine and generator and auxiliaries (1 X 20 MW DEC type, 85 kg/cm2, 538 deg C)
8Electrical Distribution Switchyard
8Piping, Valves, PRDSH, fittings 
8Tie Line
8DCS & Plant automation
8Baggage & Ash handling equipment
8Cooling towers and auxiliaries excluding civil works
8DM plant including raw water pump house, piping, pre-treatment, softening system, instruments & electrical 
8Sources said that currently the company is waiting environmental clearance and tender for equipment and services is likely to be released after clearance.
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An existing company is planning to enhance the capacity of its Sulphate of Potash (SOP) unit from 300 TPD to 1200 TPD at Hajipur, Gujarat.
8The company also plans to raise the capacity of its cogeneration power plant from 10 MW to 45 MW, and also set up two DG Sets with capacities of 3000 KVA and 500 KVA.
8The projected cost is Rs 500 crore.
8Speaking to this website, company sources said that the environment clearanceis likely to be granted in April 2018 and RFQs for a contractor are likely to be released in December 2017.
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Pesticide plant
A new company is planning to set up a greenfield Technical Pesticide project with a capacity 6000 MTPA in India.
8The total project investment cost is around Rs 25 crore.
8The power requirement is about 450 KVA, which will be sourced from State Electricity Board.
8The company also plans to set up a DG Set with a capacity 225 KVA.
8The requirement of water and land is about 90 KLPD and 10,000 square meters respectively.
8The fuel requirement is about 600 Lit per hour of High-Speed Diesel and Light Diesel.
RFQs are expected within a month.
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SSP/Sulphuric Acid Annual Maintenance Project   
8Cost - Rs 0.25 Crore
8Project Description: A Fertilizer company is planning an annual maintenance shutdown in July or August 2018 at its fertilizer complex. The existing capacity is made up of 66000 MTPA of SSP and 33000 MTPA of Sulphuric acid. Pre-Vendor Qualification may be necessary for a maintenance contractor.
8Project Event: RFQs for Annual Maintenance Contractor is likely to be released in March or April 2018.
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