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$40 billion E&P investment in 4-5 years-II: We can help you generate the leads
Oct 27: As a  business development head of an E&P equipment and service provider, how do go about tapping the E&P opportunity at hand?
8What will be needed is to break down the investments into their smaller compartments, first allocating them block and field-wise, and then breaking them down to individual facilities, units components and equipment.
8At every level, going from the unit up the facility and onwards to the company, critical contacts have to be identified and cultivated.
8Contacts will have to be engaged well before the formal RFQ is issued. This will mean engaging with the owners or contractors on technical and costing parameters in advance.
8Tools have to be deployed to keep track of developments on a regular basis till the RFQ date.
8We have deployed advanced software to allow you to keep track of these developments in multiple ways.
8Our trained team of engineers conduct hundreds of ground level interviews every week to bring you constantly updated information in an easy-to-read format within our software.
8Out data is always forward looking, and the entire effort is geared towards providing you an exclusive and actionable business development lead well before the formal RFQ is out.
8As a client, you will have an analyst assigned to you, to check out any rumour or project related queries you may have.
8For smaller companies keen to make an entry, we can provide a dedicated back office team for you -- thereby saving you the burden of putting up such an infrastructure on your own -- which will generate all the necessary leads for your particular service or equipment.
8A backend CRM will make it easy for you to allocate various leads to different team members and follow them up subsequently.
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