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$40 billion E&P investment in 4-5 years-III: Get equipment-wise leads
Oct 27: We provide a unique equipment-wise search option in our project monitoring software.
8If you are a seller of a specific equipment, all you have to do is to make a search for your equipment or service and you will be provided with all forthcoming business development leads. 8All of these leads will be forward-looking, and will provide you a future business development opportunity. We carry no information unless it is accompanied with a viable business development opportunity.
8And only that. These leads will come with the following characteristics
-- Key project contacts, at the owner or contractor level
-- Key technical details of the industrial unit (planned or existing) where the lead is generated
-- Key details of the industrial facility where the unit is located, including all departmental contacts, design and actual capacity, the full utility matrix (in terms of power, grid, captive power, gas and pipeline connections), google maps and other attendant data.
-- Key location and company data.
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