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Buoyant demand lifts despondency amongst coal producers-I: Coal mines aren't going down yet
Oct 26: The despondency seems to have lifted amongst coal suppliers in the face of a upsurge in demand.
8The mood now is upbeat despite warning bells ringing out loud from the climate change lobby.
8Coal sale prices have shot up over the year while average costs have climbed down.
8With Trump turning against the climate lobby, the coal industry is of the view that Asian demand will continue to rise until 2040.
8High technology Ultra Super Critical power plants are boosting demand for coal world wide. They have been found to be the least cost option of delivering power
8What is more these units can maintain grid security and reliability whilst providing the lowest cost option to replace ageing coal plants. 1015 of these plants are operating in the world with a further 1231 planned or under construction
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