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Buoyant demand lifts despondency amongst coal producers-III: Gas for power won't take off in India
Oct 26: Another set of calculations show that gas based power will eventually develop on a country-specific instead of a global basis.
8Clearly, the cost of gas has a big impact on how much capacity is going to be developed.
8In India, only 5% of total power capacity is projected to be gas based by 2040 in comparison with 9% at present
8In comparison, the share of gas in the US will be a whopping 49%
8The analysis says that pushing gas based power in India is going to be near impossible given the high landed cost of LNG.
8Overall gas demand, however, will continue to go up even when the most disruptive assumptions are made from the reference case.
8In all of this what will suffer is the global climate. Under none of these assumptions will global warming be kept pegged below the 2 degree mark.
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