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Oct 26: 8Commodity derivative volumes are generally a multiple of the underlying physical commodity volumes. In India, the volumes traded on commodity futures exchanges is very low as compared to the size of the physical market or the GDP. Thus, the potential for commodity derivatives is huge. Is there an opportunity for oil & gas derivatives to take off or will market imperfections, such as lack of liqudity and too few players, come in the way? Click on Report for more.
8Here is a presentation highlighting Indraprastha Gas Ltd's plans now that FO and petcoke has been banned in the NCR. Click on Report for more.
8The Indian economy has been mauled by demonetization and GST and yet the future can be bright if the government treads carefully from here on. A focus on supply-side reforms will likely yield better results than pursuing aggressive policies to lift demand. Speeding up project clearances, simplifying the taxation (including GST) regime, improving the ease of doing business – including cutting red tape, and continued progress in addressing banking sector stress will help bolster the country’s growth potential. A focus on demand-boosting policies could ignite inflationary pressures, which might have to be curbed through interest rate rises, rendering them less effective. Click on Report for more.


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