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Praj Industries' stranglehold broken
Oct 25: The stranglehold of Praj Industries as a technology licensor was broken for a 2G Ethanol Bio-Refinery recently. This will allow other licensors to get into the industry.
8Project Name: Greenfield 2G Ethanol Bio-Refinery
8Project Cost: Rs 800 Crore
8Project Description: An existing company along with a newly selected technology licensor is planning to construct an ethanol plant based on the DBT-ICT 2G Ethanol technology developed indigenously to produce 100 KL fuel-grade ethanol per day, primarily from biomass and will use approximately 400 MTPD of biomass per year.
8Project Event: RFQ for Project Management Consultant is expected by January 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: Q2:2017
8RFQ Date: Jan/2018
8Release Date: Feb/2018
8Start Date: Q2:2018
8Completion Date: Q2:2021
Click here for more details, including full project and facility data as well key contract information.


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