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New oil & gas narrative-II: It has to be a hydrogen driven world
Oct 24: The new thinking is that dramatically new technologies will have to come into existence to stop global warming.
8The CO2 cost is pegged at $ 85/tonne by 2050 and much more by 2100 and onwards.
8A hydrogen-based energy system is where the eventual transition will have to be by 2050
8New nuclear technology -- using paradigm changing technological advances -- will have ascendancy.
8Among the new ideas are many 2 km long orbiting solar power stations.
8It will not be battery powered cars which will dominate the globe by 2050. It will have to be fuel celled cars, with as many as 2.6 billion cars on the road by then. Or else global CO2 emission levels will be difficult to bring down.
8Carbon capture will have tobe  compulsorily introduced and coal will remain viable as a result
8However hydrogen fired power plants will be the mainstay of the global energy system.
8The problem is that the way the world is going, unless these dramatically new technologies are introduced, global warming will not be kept in check with the existing array of tools at our disposal.Click on Report for more


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