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India's oil dependency at a new high-IV: New technologies will have to take root
Oct 23: New future technologies are now being thought of and, eventually, they will have to begin playing a preponderant role for temperatures to drop.
Carbon damage control technology will be at the forefront of this technological surge. The following developments will need watching, according to a new analysis:
8Production of carbon compounds as chemical raw  materials, using CO2 as feedstocks for electrochemical photochemical methods to remove carbon from the atmosphere
8Absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by photosynthesis using specially grown plants.
8Production of carbon-free hydrogen by steam reforming of fossil fuels and using carbon capture and storage to harness the CO2 that is generated.
8Technologies for solar PV power generation in space will be on the ascendancy where sunlight intensity is higher and then transmit generated electricity to the earth wirelessly via microwave and other ways.
8Fourth-generation nuclear reactors such as ultra-high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGR) and fast reactors, and small- and medium-sized reactors are now being developed internationally.
8Technology to extract energy just like the sun by nuclear fusion of small mass number such as hydrogen. This will ensure that spent nuclear fuel as high-level radioactive waste is not produced.
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