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Outlook for gas-based power in India-II: Renewable power costs continue to fall
Oct 18: While pundits are busy trying to project when demand is going to exceed supply in the LNG business, as at that point in time the price is expected to spike in relation to what it is today, they ignore the possibility of gas being out priced compared to its alternatives in the market.
8The latest global data shows both the Levelized Cost of Electricity from solar and wind power and auction prices continuing to fall very rapidly for installations coming up by 2020.
8The forecast for renewable energy is 12% more optimistic this year in relation to last year, and the growth rate can be up to 27% higher.
8Renewable generation's share will go up to 30% in 2022, rapidly closing the gap with coal.
8The only big challenge seems to be to ensure that the grid is flexible enough the absorb the surge.
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