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Oct 17: 8With expansion in cargo volumes, crane capacity has needed to expand with increasing use of technology which in turn has boosted grab sizes and their technological components. Click on Report for more.
8Shore power is the provision of shoreside electrical power to ships and smaller craft. Large ships can connect to this power supply while at berth. Thanks to shore power, ships can cut down on the use of diesel generators. Has shore power made any progress in India? Is there a business opportunity there in India's crowded shipyards? Click on Report for more.
8Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA), which ranked in the top 10 maritime capitals for 2017, has been pursuing a policy of direct contact with major players in the business in order to promote development. Have you been contacted? Click on Report for more.
8VLGC earnings were up 16% last week – looks like winter demand is kicking in.  click on Report for more.
8Inland Water Authority of India has picked up funding to fuel its expansion. Where does it go from here? Click on Report for more.
8Half of all ballast water systems manufacturers could be bankrupt within the next five years thanks to the IMO’s delayed implementation of environmental rules. Click on Report for more.
8India is one of the largest trading partners with Ghana but yet it has not been able to fully ensconce itself in its growing oil & gas industry. Click on Report for more.
8The Australians hope to increase their LNG production capacity to 85 million tonnes in 2017 by completing seven more projects. That means Australia would outperform Qatar which is currently the leading LNG
producer with an annual output of 77 million tonnes. And there is more to the Australian oil & gas story from here on. Click on Report for more.


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