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Will gas-based power be viable ever-I: Point of inflection moves back to 2021-22
Oct 12: The global oil & gas markets have become more volatile and consequently demand-supply and price projections are also changing every quarter.
8For some, this is the season to be bullish on the oil & gas sector, particularly LNG.
8The current thinking is that new LNG supply in 2016 and 2017 is being absorbed by the market and LNG is not in oversupply. This is reportedly evident from the fact that LNG spot prices are up in 2017, breaking a two year trend.
8Then again, European storage is viewed as the dumping ground for any surplus LNG cargos but fresh data shows that storage withdrawals have been higher, implying there is no excess LNG in the market.
8Floating Storage Regasification Units have moved beyond small new country markets and into expanding bigger demand markets, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. thereby enlarging the market for LNG.
8The big changer is the increased demand for gas from China which plans to increase natural gas to 10% of its energy mix.
8If demand indeed catches up with supply, the price of LNG is likely to remain high and this will have implications for the power sector.
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