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When push comes to shove: This government will capitulate
Oct 12: Even though the key oil and gas players seem to have heaved a sigh of relief with the government's decision to keep the burden of under recoveries away, the danger is not over yet.
8The room for further fiscal maneuvering is not there and any further hike in crude prices will push this government towards price control.
8The Modi regime is acutely image centric and it is currently under pressure from all directions. If push comes to shove, it will capitulate easily.
8This regime is text book oriented in its policies, influenced by the presentations given by assorted bureaucrats and Niti Ayog economists, whereas the earlier government, headed by an economist, was more centered around the politics of its economics.
8But that aside, those who want to bet on the oil companies, be prepared to face an uncertain future. For now.
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