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Full value LNG projects: Best in class benchmarks
Oct 12: Find out more on the key operating parameters of a low cost LNG supplier who is present right up the value chain.
8The focus seems to be on low onland extraction costs of between $ 0.5-2/mmbtu, $ 1-2/mmbtu liquefaction cost, $ 0.5-3/mmbtu DES Asia transportation cost, regasification cost of $ 0.5/mmbtu and marketing costs of between $ 0.2-0.4 for B2B and $ 1.5 to 2.5 for B2C transactions. Trading costs are pegged at $ 0.2-04/mmbtu
8Clearly liquefaction costs are coming down and there is already a 60% differential between onshore and FSRU costs.
8These are the new benchmarks.
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