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Oct 05: 8Full details on the Dhamra port and conditions for its use. Click on Report for more.
8The technical outlook for crude prices shows headwinds ahead and prices may not be able to show further gains for now. Click on Report for more.
8New warnings have come out for vessels moving into and out of India in the latest global security review. Click on Report for more.
8A multiple well business development opportunity is coming up in Upper Assam. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on the land use intensity of different forms of energy production -- from bio fuels, to solar and wind energy to oil and gas to thermal and hydel power -- in India, relative to other countries around the world. Click on Report for more.
8The crude carriers market finally enjoyed a rather positive week on the back of improved demand in all key trading regions, while Aframax rates were the exception to the overall positive market movement with brokers nonetheless suggesting that further downside should be rather limited in the coming weeks. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on a newly emerging domestic EPC company with ambitions of securing orders in the oil & gas pipeline sector. Click on Report for more.
8Fresh research has shown that there are as many as over 210 oilfield service companies with a collective valuation of up to $10 billion that may be looking for new owners over the next 12-24 months. Is any one interested in India? Click on Report for more.

8A shift toward digital oilfields has yielded numerous strategic and tactical solutions across the industry. It includes centers of excellence connecting the right minds to the biggest problems, workflow-driven collaboration, virtualization, visualization, and optimization supporting rapid insights and decisions. Find out more. Click on Report for more.


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