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Going all electric by 2030: Can OMCs fill in the gap?
Oct 05: Can oil marketing companies provide opportunities for charging electric vehicles in the future?
8By 2030, a city like Delhi could require around 300,000 fast chargers, presuming 30 percent EV penetration. Around 12 percent of these would be taxis, the primary users of fast chargers.
8Meeting this infrastructure need could call for an investment of around USD 1 billion to 1.5 billion.
8However, the current TCO economics in India are not profitable for a fast charging infrastructure provider.
8In addition to the standard business costs like investments in fixed assets and operating costs, the continuous evolution in battery cost, driving range, charging technology, charger costs drive the economics of the fast charging infrastructure business.
8Taking the various factors into account, an analysis suggests that it may be difficult for fast chargers in India to be economically viable before 2025.
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