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North American LNG: Mightier than before
Oct 05: Due to significant upstream technological advances occurring in the last few years, the North Amercian exploitable gas reserves have been revised to a massive 1,798 Tcf at $5.00/mmbtu while a 2013 curve had estimated reserves of 1,250 Tcf at that same price.
8The world market for LNG has changed in many ways but the projected volume size of the market is similar to what was expected four years ago. However, non-U.S. LNG supplies have been slow to develop while U.S. projects have gone forward boosted by several advantages that the U.S enjoys. The potential market for U.S. LNG is now bigger than expected before
8What is interesting to note is that the US will be able to pump in more LNG into the market for a much lower price increase than was estimated earlier. Find out more on what is the incremental increase needed to bring an addition one Bcfd of LNG into the market.
8These are interesting bits of information for the Indian policy planner
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