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Do you have a Chief “Internet of Things” Officer?
Oct 04: Find out more on how digitalization can help the chairman's office to keep track of  consumption of drilling bits in individual wells.
8The website carries here an example of how remote operations of submersible pumps help save costs and raise efficiencies in an oil field
8Digitalization is increasingly enabling recalibration from the safety of the office as the management gets a real-time awareness of conditions that could signal an impending issue.
8Predictive maintenance, ongoing pump tuning and real-time information set the stage for and oil & gas operator to maximize oil production no matter the current market conditions.
8Today, the massive adoption of digital is pushing companies to reimagine how they do business.
8Most corporations operate their business with a CEO, CFO and CIO, but you’ll rarely find a Chief “Internet of Things” Officer to manage enterprise-wide transformational initiatives. It is time for Indian companies to get one now.
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