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New 27 MMTPA liquefaction capacity coming up: Find out what motivates the promoters
Oct 03: Even when there is excess LNG capacity in the world today, new capacities are still being built
8One such plan attempts to set up massive 27 MMTPA LNG liquefaction facility.
8The netback calculations based on which the new facility is coming up are given here, and the range is positive and is quite wide. Netback LNG prices at more than $5.50/mmbtu in the US Gulf Coast as of now seem to be signaling the need for additional capacity, it is argued.
8The terminal is going to work on an entirely new business plan, wherein equity LNG is being sought to be sold at a fixed cost per tonne.
8The website carries here data on the lowest cost greenfield LNG liquefaction plants in the world in terms of cost per tonne of liquefaction
8The cost of this new terminal will fall at the lower end of the cost spectrum
8The company intends to get into LNG trading from next year onwards so as to be able to build up the experience needed when the terminal goes on stream.
8Indian players can get in touch with the company too to take part in its gas trading activities.
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