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Peak demand for oil in 2022: Gas demand will peak only in 2035
Oct 03: For gas however, peak demand will be scaled later, at around 2035.
8Conventional onshore gas production will start declining from about 2020 along with offshore gas production while unconventional onshore gas rises to a plateau, according to this projection.
8For now, India seems to be defying all international predictions that the power sector will be the largest consumer of gas in India.
8But there are some tell-tale signs of change.
8The spurt of renewable energy is already putting a lot of pressure on the grid and this will only mount when the renewable generation capacity goes up further.
8There are two views emerging in the Indian power sector: One that says that gas based power will not be required as conventional coal-based power can take on the demand for variable power while there are others who say that gas-based power plants will get going soon because the variability will be too sharp for any other power source to take on.
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