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Aug 31: 8The scale of industrial capacity built by L&T over the years is the envy of its rivals. The website carries here a template of its capabilities spanning a wide cross of industries. Click on Report for more.
8An industrial coatings company is making waves with a range of innovative products, find out more. Click on Report for more.
8An analysis has found a negative correlation between industrial growth to oil price movements in a low price movement and a positive relationship in a high price environment in India. This has implications for the policy planner. Click on Report for more.
8The "great game" that nations play over energy resources will continue to be played until 2040 and further but the players are going to be different. Two trends are evident: Russia will have diminished clout and OPEC will break up. Click on Report for more.
8Armed with massive profits that it has reaped in recently, IOC is embarking on a capital outlay of Rs 1.80 lakh crore over the next five to seven years. Find out more. Click on Report for more.  


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