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Software updates: Power projects
Aug 30: 8Project Name: Captive Power Plant Expansion
8Project Cost: Rs 905 Crores
8Project Description: The owner is planning a 170 MW expansion at its 75 MW existing captive power plant. It envisages the addition of 70 MW (2*35.5) to its existing 30MW WHRB unit along with an addition of 100 MW (4*25 MW) to its existing 25 MW CFBC unit. TOR is expected shortly and RFQ for an EIA consultant is expected to follow in a couple of months. RFQs for Electro-Mechanical, Control & Instrumentation and BoP are expected by the end of 2018.
 Major requirement will be two waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) units, four circulating fluidised bed combustion (CFBC) units, boiler auxiliaries, steam turbines, turbine generators, governors, 6*250 kVA DG sets, control unit, air cooling and circulation system, cooling water circulation system, demineralization (DM) plant, buses, ducts, cables, flue gas circulation system, compressors, pipes and fittings, valves and pumps among others.
8Project Event: RFQ for hiring an EIA is expected by November 2017.
8Expenditure Approval: 2016
8RFQ Date: Q4:Nov/2017
8Release Date: Q4:2017
8Start Date: Q2:2019
8Completion Date: 2024
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8Project Name: Power Plant Brownfield Expansion
8Project Cost: Rs 467 Crores
Project Description: The owner is planning to add another 114 MW to its existing captive power plant of 45 MW (which is of the WHRU type). Of the 114 MW planned, 64 MW is to be generated through WHRB (waste heat recovery boiler) and 50 MW through CFBC boiler (with a fuel mix of coal and dolochar). TOR is expected by October, followed by a requirement for an EIA consultant. RFQs for Mechanical, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation and BoP equipment are expected in the third quarter of 2018.
The major requirement will be four waste heat recovery boilers (WHRB) and associated auxiliaries (including heat exchanges and membranes), circulating fluidised bed combustion (CFBC) boiler, steam turbines, turbine generator, valves, pumps, compressors, pipes and fittings, governors, DG sets, control equipment, cables, insulation, fireproofing system, demineralization (DM) plant, cooling water system, air-circulation system ( including ID and FD fans), electrostatic precipitator (ESP), ash handling system among others.
8Project Event: RFQ for hiring an EIA consultant is expected in October 2017.
8Expenditure Approval: 2016
8RFQ Date: Oct/2017
8Release Date: Q4:2017
8Start Date: Q4:2018
8Completion Date: 2022
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Project Name:
 Thermal Power Brownfield Project
8Project Cost: Rs 4400 Crores
8Project Description: The owner is writing out the detailed project report for scoping environment clearance for a 700 MW supercritical brownfield complex in its existing facility of 1400 MW(2*700 MW) plant. Earlier on Mar 2012, due to the coal linkage issues from the Ministry of Coal the project proponent was unable to submit an EIA report to MoEF. MoEF advised fresh submission of application for the 1x700 MW expansion unit. As of now, PFR has been prepared which has been submitted to scope fresh TOR clearance, and DPR studies are undergoing. Environment Clearance is likely to elicited by 1st Quarter of 2019. Project kick off date is immediately after obtaining EC. 
8Major equipment that will be required will be steam generator and its auxiliaries, steam turbine (700MW), Fire tube Boiler, Boiler Feed Pumps, Low Pressure Heaters, Deaerator, High Pressure Heaters, Gland Steam Condenser, Cooling Tower equipment, Fire protection system auxiliaries, Switch-yard equipment, FGD equipment, cranes, thermo mechanically treated steel, DG sets, rolling shutters, fencing materials, down shop lead (DSL) crane, carbon steel and pipe, Cu Ni / Al bronze tubes, stacker cum reclaimer, wagon tippler, piles, reinforced steel, structural steel, MS & Electro forged gratings, conveyer belts, side arm charger, among others.
8Project Event: RFQ for civil works are expected by 1st Quarter of 2019.
8Expenditure Approval: Q4:2018
8RFQ Date: Q1:2019
8Release Date: Q1:2019
8Start Date: Q1:2019
8Completion Date: Q3:2022
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