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Will gas make inroads into the power sector-III: Latest renewable energy R&D details in India
Aug 29: For reference purposes, the website carries here the latest developments in renewable energy along with what will be called cutting edge research done on this segment in India
8List of global institutes collaborating with India as of now
8Study shows India can integrate 175 GW of renewables into its electricity grid
8How renewables can be 50% of global energy by 2030
8Latest Indian research on high-efficiency CdTe cells that also have a flexible form factor.
8Find out more on how a two-junction structure with Si bottom junction is attractive path to cost-effective solar cells with efficiency greater than conventional cells, enabling a very large market for low-concentration PV.
8High efficiency six junction solar devices and their impact on India
8Outlook on the cost of Perovskite Photovolatics
8Wind energy research: Costs are falling
8Path to advanced composites in wind energy 60 billion gallons of biofuel likely by 2030
8The bioeconomy: A detailed analysis
8Latest advances in bio-fuels
8Energy system integration: Multi-source grid integration research
8Net zero energy communities: Now becoming viable
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