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Nuclear energy to stay relevant: Small scale reactors are in the offing
Aug 29: A new generation of nuclear reactors is now being propounded using the Internet of Things wherein paradigm where small capacity base load units are added incrementally on base-load mode, complementing the intermittent nature of the renewable sources.
8It is now possible to adopt a fail-safe design with a reactor core possessing an infinite multiplication factor of unity. It's underlying analytical and numerical solutions for a molten salt fuel in cylindrical geometry is presented. The solutions result in a favorable flat neutron flux and power distribution in the core region. The introduction of load-following and the use of dissociating gases are also discussed.
8The other introduced innovations in small size units are the use of liquid fuels as a replacement of solid ones, and operation at low pressure using molten salts.
8These small units can be used for water dissociation into hydrogen as a future transportation system energy carrier, and for agro-industrial complexes and fresh water supplies for arid regions of the globe.
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