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Ammonia-urea conversion plan: Tie-up with upcoming LNG terminal soon
Aug 28: Every conversion of a naphtha based ammonia-urea fertilizer plant into a gas based unit has a concomitant rollover effect.
8One such conversion is currently in progress with a deal being wrapped up for supply of LNG with a new liquefaction plant that is coming up.
8The feedstock conversion process is currently on: a consultant has been appointed and the tendering process for new equipment, including NG Fired Heater, Primary Reformer, Burners, NG Pre-Heat Coil, NG Feed & Fuel Pre-Heater has been completed and technical evaluation is in progress. Placement of orders for the new equipment will be done shortly.
8On the other side however, a leading refiner will lose around Rs 700 crore of orders for naphtha as a consequence
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