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Aug 28: 8Crude oil for September delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange settled at $47.43 a barrel but the immediate outlook does not look very strong. Find out why. Click on Report.
8A temporary way to cut emissions is to slow down the steaming speed of vessels. Emissions can go down by as much as 17%-25% by reducing vessel speeds by 10-15% but there is a lot of resistance within the shipping community to such a short term measure to bring down emission levels. Find out more. Click on Report.
8In the face of increasing competition from Australia, US and Russia, Qatar has drawn up plans to stay the largest LNG exporters in the world, with plans to raise output by as much as 30% per annum. Click on Report.
8New countries importing LNG is the bright spot in an otherwise over supplied market. Lucrative as these markets are, getting them to reach the FIDs is the most challenging task, as some suppliers have found out. Click on Report for more.
8The fact the the LNG market has become highly competitive is evident from an auction for spot cargoes held recently. As many as 39 companies across the world participated. Find out their names. Click on Report for more.
8Get a comprehensive wrap-up of the state of the Indian economy and what it can mean to you. Click on Report for more.
8Find out why in some countries ethanol blending is a lucrative trade and what the future holds in store for the industry. Click on Report for more.
8US sanctions against Venezuela is likely to have a debilitating impact on investments in the oil and gas industry by Indian companies. Find out how. Click on Report for more.
8Find out more on a company capable of providing multi-disciplinary, turnkey EPC solutions in the fields of bulk liquid storage terminals, tank farms, offsite and utilities for refineries and petrochemical plants. Click on Report for more.
8Get to know more on the global pipeline monitoring system by type (Metallic, Non-metallic, Concrete pipes, Asbestos cement pipes), by technology (Ultrasonic testing, Smart ball, Magnetic flux leakage technology and others), by application (Operating Efficiency, Leak Detection, Pipeline Break Detection) and region. See how the market is going to behave going up to the year 2023. Click on Report for more.
8Business development opportunity is coming up for an LPG storage capacity expansion. Click on Report for more.


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