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LNG demand-I: Well-to-wire solutions now
Aug 25: LNG players are increasingly adopting well-to-wire solutions as a way to develop captive demand in what is going to be an over supplied market.
8A company, for example, can own gas reserves in Equatorial Guinea and then proceed down the entire value chain to own a power plant in Brazil in what is called a gas to grid format
8Lower capex, higher efficiencies and a disconnect to Brent have left a large chunk of global LNG supply capable of being used as a cheap source of power generation, in comparison to diesel and heavy fuels.
8A rise in coal prices has meant that the differential between the average cost of electricity produced from coal and power has narrowed.
8The view from this side is that only 2.5% of global power generation is LNG fired, and there is a big opportunity to replace other forms of fuels in this segment.
8One assessment sees the current market potential as seven times bigger than what it is today.
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