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LNG demand-IV: It is complicated in India
Aug 25: Gas consumption grew at a buoyant 7.50% in relation to the same month last year.
8Consumption went up 2.30% during April-July, 2017
8LNG imports grew 6.78% during the month, even though for the April-July period, imports this year were down 2.18%.
8Imports now make a bigger chunk of the total gas consumption in the fertilizer sector in relation to domestic gas.
8The proportion of LNG in city gas distribution is growing.
8But the big challenge is whether there will be a bouyant growth of LNG usage in power, industrial and the iron and steel industry.
8There is also the other side of the picture resulting from a sharp increase in domestic availability of gas beginning from 2018
8The growth story for LNG in India is more complex than in many other countries
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