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Cleaning up E&P regulations-II: Other suggestions
Aug 24: 8Operators of all blocks have demanded that the government should relax the stringent provisions relating to calculation of liability when wells committed under the Minimum Work Programme are not drilled under the stipulated timeline. They have now asked for a specific time relaxation and want the new provision applied for both existing and past unsettled cases.
8The government's keenness to adopt the CAG's recommendation that all work programmes be examined additionally through the prism of how it will impact profit petroleum has been greeted with a howl of protest from the operators. Find out more on what they have to say
8When it comes to unfinished work programmes, there are always disputes between the operator and the government over the quantum of liability. The resultant rancor usually does not allow the contractor to move forward to the next phase. A new solution has now been put forward to break the impasse. Find out more
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