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Software update: Oil & gas projects
Aug 22: 8Project Cost: Rs 1000+ crore
8Project Description: The owner along with the EPCM a licensor is planning to install a new Diesel Hydrotreater Unit (DHDT) and a Hydrogen Generation (HGU) Unit to produce BS-VI High-Speed Diesel in an existing refinery. Environmental Clearances is to be expected by September 2017. Further RFQs are expected in the upcoming months.
Major equipment required:- DHDT reactor, furnace, makeup gas compressor, recycle gas compressor, hot separator drum, cold hp separator, heaters, pressure swing adsorption beds, surge drum, high head pump, pressure reducing valves, flanges, air coolers, desalter, strippers, motors, heat exchangers.
8Project Event: RFQs for the long lead item is expected by October 2017.
8Expenditure Approval:-Q1:2017
8RFQ Date:-Oct/2017
8Release Date:-Dec/2017
8Start Date:-Q3:2017
8Completion Date:- Q4:2019
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8Project Name: New Gas Gathering Station
8Project Cost: Rs 100 crore.
8Project Description: An E&P company is planning construction of the fourth Group Gathering Station. The GGS will be used for the collection of crude and onward dispatch to a CTF. No treatment except for heating will be done at GGS.
The facility will comprise of the following equipment: Inlet Manifold, Group Separator, Test Separator, Gas Scrubber, Bath Heater, Oil Storage Tanks, Test Tanks, Oil Dispatch Pump, Flare System-Comprising Flare Head, KOD, Stack, FFG, CBD system, DG set, Steel Tank, Filter Feed Pumps, Filter System and Back Wash System, Chemical Injection System, Water Injection Pumps.
8Project Event: RFQ for the civil contractor is expected by mid-September 2017.
8Expenditure Approval: Q2/2015
8RFQ Date: Sep/2017
8Release Date: Oct/2017
8Start Date: Q2/2018
8Completion Date: Q4/2019
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