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RFQ for coal mill rejects by TSGENCO
Aug 22: TSGENCO is planning to hold an open-to-all, pre-bid meeting on the 24th of August, 2017 in Hyderabad for potential buyers of coal mill rejects from it's four thermal power stations:
8RTS- B (1x62.5 MW)
8KTPP I & II (1*500MW and 1*600MW respectively)
8KTPS O&M (4*60MW and 4*120 MW respectively)
8KTPS V & VI (2*250MW and 1*500MW respectively)
8The contract awarded shall hold good for one year and will not include the sale of fly ash. Based on latest technologies coal mill rejects can be used to run small thermal power plants which have fluidized bed type boiler. The generation capacities of such plants can be as high as 30MW. 
8Cement giants like La-Farge (Arasmeta) and Sagar Cements are setting up captive thermal power units of ~18 MW as it's more reliable and cost-efficient. Coal mill rejects can find use in such areas, thus creating a market for these rejects. 
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