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Indian petrochemical market-II: It will be bad news for gas suppliers if naphtha remains a viable feedstock
Aug 21: The Indian feedstock market for petrochemicals is a volatile one.
8The website carries here details of an ethylene cash cost comparison between naphtha and imported gas for a cracker in India
8The comparisons are carried here for the years 2013, 2016 and 2020
8For gas suppliers, these are an important set of data points to look out for.
8If demand for gas cannot be generated in the power sector and the petrochemical sector finds naphtha a viable option, while industrial dual fuel furnaces swing in either direction depending upon the exigency of the moment, can the Indian PNG, CNG and fertilizer sector dramatically push up the demand for gas in India in the coming years?
8What is the future of LNG in the next five years, particularly in the face of an avalanche of domestic supply coming in from the KG Basin beginning from 2019?
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