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Software updates: Power projects
Aug 18: 8Project Name: Devsari Greenfield hydroelectric Power Station
8Project Cost: Rs 2272 crore
8Project Description: SJVN is setting up a 252 MW (3*84 MW) hydroelectric power station at Devsari, Tharali in district Chamoli of Uttarakhand. The Forest Clearance is expected to be granted next year. Soon afterward package wise contracts shall be released for Civil, Hydro-Mechanical and Electrical works. Investigations are going on at present and SJVN has recently floated a notice for exploratory drilling at the surge shaft area, which is presently under the bidding process. The RFQ for major Civil works including barrage and construction of an underground powerhouse is expected to be out in a year's time. The major requirement for this project shall be- three vertical Francis turbines, turbine-generator sets, diesel-generator sets, sluice gates, setting up of substations, transmission lines, transformers, control equipment, valves and pumps among many others.
8Project Event: RFQs for Civil works are expected to be out in July 2018.
8Expenditure Approval: 2011
8RFQ Date: Jul/2018
8Release Date: Sep/2018
8Start Date: 2019
8Completion Date: 2024
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8Project Name: Rampur Hydroelectric Power Station Maintenance
8Project Description: SJVN is planning to carry out annual maintenance at their 412 MW (6*68.67 MW) Rampur Hydroelectric Power Station starting this December. The RFQ for an annual maintenance contractor is expected to be out in a couple of months or all the units.
8Project Event: RFQ for annual maintenance contractor is expected to be out in October 2017.
8Expenditure Approval: Apr/2017
8RFQ Date: Oct/2017
Release Date: Nov/2017
8Start Date: Dec/2017
8Completion Date: Mar/2018 (When all units will be covered)
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