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Renewable energy in India-II: Is it time for Indian companies to take the plunge into offshore wind energy?
Aug 17: Is it possible for the likes of Reliance Industries Ltd or other big Indian oil and gas companies to enter the offshore wind energy business now because the cost economics are looking friendlier.
8The scale of such projects will suit big Indian oil and gas players with deep pockets but seeking to diversify away from fossil fuels.
8Costs are coming down dramatically and current European rates are at around Rs 5/kwh.
8This price is lower than LNG fed gas based power as of now and there are strong possibilities of offshore wind energy rates coming down further
8Find out more on what are India's offshore wind capacities and how they can be tapped effectively.
8Also find out more on the latest levelized tariff rates around the world and new technological innovation in offshore wind energy
8Time is now right for an offshore demonstration project to come up
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