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Renewable energy in India-III: Briefs
Aug 17: Are there far too many wind energy projects in the offing. Seems so, according to an order by Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Authority which claims that there are already enough projects to take care of requirements not just for the current year but for the next two years.
8There are now increasing signs that Nepal is slowly moving towards greater economic integration with China. It recently signed an agreement with a Chinese company to build its largest hydroelectric plant at a cost of $ 2.5 billion even as Indian projects continue to be bogged down for one reason or the other.
8Accelerated Depreciation and the decision to end the generation based incentive at the end of the 2016-17 fiscal year are two factors that are likely to contribute greatly towards accelerating the installation of wind energy projects in India. Find out more.
8Find out more on how India is emerging as a major global wind energy hub along with a full analysis of wind energy projects in India.
8What will be the impact of the transition to competitive bidding from the current feed-in tariff mechanism on the Indian wind energy sector
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