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Software updates-IV: Business development opportunities available for Rs 6500 crore in fertilizers
Aug 17: Ammonia-Urea Brownfield Project
8Project Cost:- Rs 5000 crore
8Project Description: A Joint Venture company is awaiting clearance for its brownfield project with a capacity 1500 MTPD of ammonia, 2620 MTPD of urea and 13 MW Captive power plant. The project consultant is PDIL. The equipment requirements are Compressors, Turbines, Exchangers, Vaporizers, Subcoolers, Filters, Pumps, Heaters, Towers, Vessels, Storage systems, Cooler, Furnaces, Stacks, Converters, Boilers, Drums, Blowers, Economizers, Preheaters, Reactors, Tanks, Reactors, Evaporators, Condensers, Separators, Ejectors, Absorbers, Prilling towers, Absorbers, Heat exchangers, Columns Generators and more
8Project Event: Tender for LSTK contractor is likely to be released in December 2017
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NPK Fertilizer Greenfield project
8Project Cost:  1500 crore
8Project Description: A JV is in the process of selecting an EPC contractor for the NPK Fertilizer Plant with a capacity of 1200000 MTPA. The equipment requirements are Feeding hoppers, Electronic belt scales, Conveyors, Mixers, Crushers, Granulators, Dryers, Feeders, Coolers, Elevators, Blowers, Collectors, Towers, Chimneys, Drums, Bins, Screens and more
8Project Event: The EPC contractor is to be selected by September, 2017 against a tender floated in February, 2017. Tender for equipment and services is likely to be released in November, 2017
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