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Our project software-III: Why we employ only mechanical engineers
Aug 14:  We employ only mechanical engineers for to fill up our database and prospect for business development opportunities.
8Why do we do so?
8The reason is that they understand the dynamics of an industrial facility or unit better than anyone else.
8We split up a power plant or a refinery into its major industrial components, going down to the level of the boiler or the turbine or the heat exchanger.
8The idea is to allow our engineers to understand the dynamics from bottom up, so that when they are interviewing their contacts, they are able to quickly collect the relevant information needed to fill up our databases.
8And we know mechanical engineers can do that job better than anyone else.
8Our database therefore has many unique usages since we have laboriously built it up, bottom up
8We can, for example, provide you component wise business development prospects in the segments in which we are present.
8If you are, say, a pump supplier, you can search the database on the basis of the pumps that you supply for a future business development prospect
8What is more, we allow you to be directly in touch with our engineers. If you need a clarification, or you want to check out something you have heard, just call up one of our engineers and he will help you out.
8Business development in India is a stressful and complicated exercise.
8We just made it simple for you.
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