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Our project software-VI: Maintenance alerts in the power sector
Aug 14: 8Project Name:- Dadri Coal Based Thermal Power Maintenance Project
8Project Cost: Rs 10.50 crore
8Project Description:  NTPC has planned a 20-day scheduled maintenance of Unit-2 (210 MW) in the 1820 MW Dadri National Capital Power Plant covering Boiler, LP Turbine & Generator Relay Protection auxiliary parts. Equipment requirements are:
 Boiler: boiler feed control valve, boiler feed check valve, fuel oil pump, fuel oil heater, fuel oil duplex filters, fuel oil burners, soot blowers, safety valves, pipes, nozzles, economizer.
LP Turbine : governor system, rotor blades, fixed blades, nozzles among others.
Generator Relay Protection: lightning arrestor, differential relay, excitors, carbon brushes, sensors, among others.
8Project Event:- RFQs for Boiler, LP Turbine & Generator Relay Protection auxiliary parts in Unit-2 of Dadri National Capital Power Plant is expected to be floated in 4th Quarter of 2017.
8Expenditure Approval: Q3:2017; RFQ Date: Q4:2017; Release Date: Q1:2018; Start Date:  1/Mar/2018; Completion Date : 20/Mar/2018
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8Project Name:  Ralayseema TPS Maintainance
8Project Cost: Rs 10 crore
8Project Description: APGENCO is planning to carry out annual maintenance in its 1050 MW (5*210 MW) Ralayseema TPS in January 2018 involving boiler maintenance, electrical services, transformer auxiliaries etc.
8Major requirement will be Boiler Auxiliaries, Insulation Material, Economizer Maintenance, Steel Rope, Crane, Pumps, Valves, Transformer Auxiliaries, Switches and minor civil works among other equipment.
8Project Event:  RFQs for equipment and services are expected to be out in October 2017.
8Expenditure Approval: May/2017
8RFQ Date: Oct/2017
8Release Date: Nov/2017
8Start Date: Jan/2017
8Completion Date: Apr/2017
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