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Electric vehicles and green energy: Latest developments
Aug 11: There are forums already at work in India to advance the rollout of electric vehicles.
8And practical steps are being taken all around
8A maiden attempt is being made to electrify public transportation in Kolkata
8The website also also carries here cutting edge research and updates on Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) sales forecast through 2025, including both plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles, and identified the associated charging equipment infrastructure needs.
8Then again, the whole concept of what is a baseload power plant is undergoing a dramatic change and this has implications for the oil and gas sector
 Among the other important highlights that the oil and gas sector needs to keep a watch on are the following:
8Amber Kinetics, maker of reportedly the first commercially available four-hour duration flywheel energy storage technology, and Enel, one of the world's leading integrated utilities with a presence in over 30 countries in five continents, signed a two-year deal to cooperate on jointly assessing the the technology.
8The German federal capital of Berlin has emerged as a magnet and hotbed of distributed renewable energy and clean tech innovation. Numbering among Berlin's growing crop of new energy startups is Ubitricity, developer of what the company says is the world's cheapest and most compact means of retrofitting streetlamps and streetlights so that they can serve as electric vehicle (EV) charge points.
8The GridWise Alliance released a whitepaper aimed at improving the conversation about battery energy storage applications on the grid. The paper highlighted recommendations for policymakers and regulators as they prepare to overcome the challenges to widespread implementation of energy storage technologies.
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